Xebicon 2015

This year Xebicon organised their annual congress in de Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. A venue I usually experience in the dark so this was a nice chance. Topics this year where Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Software development, Big Data Analysis, Agile, Datacenter automation, IoT and Test automation. The keynote was done by two agile coaches, Kristian Lindwall and Anders Ivarsson, from the Spotify company. They explained how they implemented agile in their Continue ReadingXebicon 2015

Get numbers from Scrumwise through API

As you have seen from my previous posts, I have been using Scrumwise to help me facilitate Scrum in my projects. The think which I am missing but is on the wish-list is reporting. As teamlead I had to report to projectmanagers about progress, hours burned etc… All these things I can get from Scrumwise through its API. See https://www.scrumwise.com/api.html . To get this done I wrote a simple Java Continue ReadingGet numbers from Scrumwise through API

Scrumwise review

I have been a fan of Scrum for many years now. I did my Scrummaster course in 2007 with Jeff Sutherland and since then, I try to use Scrum on every project I participate on. At most companies you can grab a blank wall and stick a piece of paper on it to create a physical Scrum board. The company I work for now didn’t have that luxury so I Continue ReadingScrumwise review