Get numbers from Scrumwise through API

As you have seen from my previous posts, I have been using Scrumwise to help me facilitate Scrum in my projects. The think which I am missing but is on the wish-list is reporting. As teamlead I had to report to projectmanagers about progress, hours burned etc… All these things I can get from Scrumwise through its API. See . To get this done I wrote a simple Java Continue ReadingGet numbers from Scrumwise through API

Scrumwise review

I have been a fan of Scrum for many years now. I did my Scrummaster course in 2007 with Jeff Sutherland and since then, I try to use Scrum on every project I participate on. At most companies you can grab a blank wall and stick a piece of paper on it to create a physical Scrum board. The company I work for now didn’t have that luxury so I Continue ReadingScrumwise review