Dynamic routing in the OSB

In this post I will show how it is possible to make a dynamic routing in the OSB. You can use this if you need to route to different BusinessServices dependant of information you have. First we have to create a ProxyService CustomerService. As a last step insert an Routing element with a Dynamic Routing in it. We also create 2 BusinessServices where BS_CustomerA calls customers A service and BS_CustomerB Continue ReadingDynamic routing in the OSB

Create a SFTP polling service in the OSB

You can use the FTP transport of a proxyservice to poll a certain directory for files. Lets make a simple service which polls for a catalog.txt file on a SFTP server. First create a proxyservice, PS_PollCatalogFileService for example. Select Messaging Service as Service Type on the general tab. Check the Text option for the Message Request Type on the Messaging tab. Leave the Message Response Type on None. On the Continue ReadingCreate a SFTP polling service in the OSB