Reference another project in SoapUI

We all know and love the great freeware tool SoapUI to test web and rest services and do other nifty groovy stuff. You can build big testsuites to make sure your software keeps running and the keeps working the way you want it to work. When building these testsuites you often do the same calls because to need to retrieve data and get all the things you need to build Continue ReadingReference another project in SoapUI

Using Groovy to connect to Active Directory

I have made a previous post about connecting to an AD using Java here. In another setup I want to connect to an AD using Groovy as we can use this in SoapUI. Lets say you have made an AccountManagingService which creates account in an AD for you. Now you want a way to test this service using SoapUI. The first thing you do is to make a testcase in Continue ReadingUsing Groovy to connect to Active Directory