Add client certificate for outgoing OSB call

Simple use case……you want to connect to a customer system over the internet. The customers system has an API but requires 2-way SSL. This means we have to send a client certificate along to make sure the SSL handshake can be completed. If your server has already a server certificate installed, it will send this one along by default but the customers system won’t accept it as it is different Continue ReadingAdd client certificate for outgoing OSB call

Checking SSL connection using Java

Sometimes SSL issues are the worst there are. Unreadable logging, strange codes and other unprehencible messages. There is a simple way to check if your 1-way SSL is being setup correctly using Java. Here is how it works: The first thing we have to do is to write a class which makes a simple HTTP request to a HTTPS url. This would look something like this: package nl.redrock; import; Continue ReadingChecking SSL connection using Java

Using JDeveloper to deploy to weblogic over SSL

When you start working with the SOA Suite 11G the server has a default keystore set. Connecting to this setup over HTTPS usually doesn’t give any problem as the CA’s used are generally trusted by default by the JDK used. One of the things you maybe are going to encounter when you equip your server with a genuin certificate with CA’s in the chain which are not trusted by default, Continue ReadingUsing JDeveloper to deploy to weblogic over SSL

Unable to access external HTTPS endpoint in BPEL 11g

We where trying to connect from BPEL to a HTTPS service but we ran into SSL problems. After checking all the keystores and it’s locations, it still didn’t seem to pick our keystore up. The error we found in the log looked like this: Caused by: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target