Dynamic routing in the OSB

In this post I will show how it is possible to make a dynamic routing in the OSB. You can use this if you need to route to different BusinessServices dependant of information you have. First we have to create a ProxyService CustomerService. As a last step insert an Routing element with a Dynamic Routing in it. We also create 2 BusinessServices where BS_CustomerA calls customers A service and BS_CustomerB Continue ReadingDynamic routing in the OSB

Getting rid of Nilled elements in a message from a database adapter

When you create a database poller in the SOA Suite you will encounter that empty values in the database will appear in your request as xsi:nil=”true”. When calling another service with values like: <sch:voorvoegsel xsi:nil="true"/> you will run into validation problems so you want to remove those elements.

From DateTime to Date in XQuery

When you create a database adapter using JDeveloper in the SOA Suite, the Date fields in the database will be modelled as DateTime fields in the xsd. Often you will only want Date fields. A simple way to convert the DateTime fields to Date fields using XQuery is like this: [code]<ns3:Birthdate>{ data(xs:date(substring-before($pollStudentCollection/ns4:Student[1]/ns4:birthdate/text(),’T’))) }</ns3:Birthdate>[/code]