Issue Soa Suite 12.1.3 Context of the same RID xxxxxx already present in this family

Lately in our production environment we saw that when some of our services where called in rapid succession, some of them failed. Under normal load we never had issues but under bigger load we saw the following error in our BPEL instances:

Failure in Oracle WSM Agent, category= security, function=agent.function.client, stage=fault due to RuntimeException.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Context of the same RID, 0:1:4 already present in this family, f42da30f-5c89-49d9-a4fd-bd2b7e80644e-00154a3f.


It also seemed that those faults where creating stuck threads and after a while making our managed servers unstable and unreachable. After some digging around we found that there was a patch for it. See Sporadic error during invocation of a SOA composite, ‘Context of the same RID, xxxxxx already present in this family’ (Doc ID 2150992.1). It was released since june 2016 but it seems it was never put into a bundle patch somewhere. After applying the patch the errors where replaced by warnings:

Sep 13, 2017 11:48:22 AM CEST Warning oracle.dms.context BEA-000000 Duplicate RID detected. Multiple tasks are attempting to execute with the same exec-ctx identifier 9f31c77a-4bee-4f57-a970-9275a6577bcb-00030ae5,0:1:4. Will use the unrooted identifier 9f31c77a-4bee-4f57-a970-9275a6577bcb-00030ae5,1:32171 for this task.

and we had no more stuck threads and all our instances where running fine again.

SOA Suite 12C : Patch to fix the JDev business rule component performance

A while back I did a post about the business rule engine. See here. In the end of the post I added some considerations. One was the very annoying performance of the business rule component in JDev when using decision tables. If you were editing them, the memory usage started growing and after 5 minutes JDev would crash. Also editing large decision tables was very slow. The worst part back then was that the export and import to excel was also broken.


A while back there was a fix for that but recently we found out that another JDev ADF patch major increases the usability of decision tables.

We applied the next 3 patches but the last one really did the job.

  • Performance Patch (23754944)
  • Bundle Patch 161018 (20163149)
  • JDev ADF Security Patch (23754311)

Don’t forget to start JDev with the -clean parameter once to get a fresh start.

So next time when you start pulling out your hairs when editing a large decision table…..think OPatch 23754311!