SOA Suite 12C : Patch to fix the JDev business rule component performance

A while back I did a post about the business rule engine. See here. In the end of the post I added some considerations. One was the very annoying performance of the business rule component in JDev when using decision tables. If you were editing them, the memory usage started growing and after 5 minutes JDev would crash. Also editing large decision tables was very slow. The worst part back then was that the export and import to excel was also broken.


A while back there was a fix for that but recently we found out that another JDev ADF patch major increases the usability of decision tables.

We applied the next 3 patches but the last one really did the job.

  • Performance Patch (23754944)
  • Bundle Patch 161018 (20163149)
  • JDev ADF Security Patch (23754311)

Don’t forget to start JDev with the -clean parameter once to get a fresh start.

So next time when you start pulling out your hairs when editing a large decision table…..think OPatch 23754311!

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