Custom 11G XPath function not showing up in JDeveloper 12C

You can write your own XPath lib in Java to make certain things easier and re-usable. For an example see here.

From the documentation of 12C, nothing indicated that things would have been changed so I stuck in an old library and restarted JDev. When I opened the xslt mapper, I didn’t see my functions under User Defined. This made me wonder if maybe something did have changed. Last week I attended the OFM Summercamp in Lisbon and Wilfred van der Deijl mentioned that JDev caches a lot so maybe clearing the cache would solve the problem. Someone also mentioned you could use -clean as a parameter when starting JDev but to be quite thorough I just renamed the cache folder which is default under C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper from to Then I started again and voilĂ …..there it was. Cheers Wilfred!


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