Getting rid of Nilled elements in a message from a database adapter

When you create a database poller in the SOA Suite you will encounter that empty values in the database will appear in your request as xsi:nil=”true”.

When calling another service with values like:

<sch:voorvoegsel xsi:nil="true"/>

you will run into validation problems so you want to remove those elements.

You can use XQuery to filter them out but when I tried to use the fn:nilled function, it didn’t do what I expected it to do. When I looked around I found¬†this blog:¬† which explains why it doesn’t work. Solution……you can define a is_nilled function of your own which does the trick. It looks like this:

declare function xf:is_nilled( $element as element() ) as xs:boolean {
    if (fn:exists($element/@xsi:nil)) then

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