Removing files from a database based MDS

When you are the MDS of the SOA Suite you probably added some files by mistake which where not mend to be in there. If it is a file based MDS… problem. Just delete them from the file system. But when it is a database based MDS, you have to do a bit more. One way is to use WLST to remove the files. Go to MIDDLEWARE_HOME/Oracle_soa1/common/bin and start The next thing to do is open a connection. This goes like this:

connect('MY_USERNAME' , 'MY_PASSWORD', 't3://MY_SERVER:7001')

The WLST console should tell you that your are succesfully connected now.

Next you might want to delete all the files under a certain directory say common. You can use this by using the DeleteMetadata function. It works likes this:


Now…..all the files under the common directory should be gone. For the full explanation of deleteMetadata see here

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