Creating a custom XPath function for the XSLT mapper in the SOA Suite

Sometimes the default XSLT-mapper in the SOA Suite just is not enough. You want a little bit more or you want something that is re-usable for other components. The answer lies in writing your own XPath function. The first thing we need is to create a jar file which contains our functionality. Say we want a function which creates a displayname based on a few parameters. We will use Maven Continue ReadingCreating a custom XPath function for the XSLT mapper in the SOA Suite

Using Jenkins to test your OSB/SOA Suite services

This is a very short post on how you can test your webservices build in the OSB or SOA Suite. We are going to use SoapUI for our tests, Maven for our build process, SVN as our repository and Jenkins as our Continuous Integration server. First we need a service which we want to test. Lets use a very simple Hello service. All this service does is greet the user. Continue ReadingUsing Jenkins to test your OSB/SOA Suite services

Unable to access external HTTPS endpoint in BPEL 11g

We where trying to connect from BPEL to a HTTPS service but we ran into SSL problems. After checking all the keystores and it’s locations, it still didn’t seem to pick our keystore up. The error we found in the log looked like this: Caused by: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Getting rid of Nilled elements in a message from a database adapter

When you create a database poller in the SOA Suite you will encounter that empty values in the database will appear in your request as xsi:nil=”true”. When calling another service with values like: <sch:voorvoegsel xsi:nil="true"/> you will run into validation problems so you want to remove those elements.